Welcome everyone to thabit, an online judge and a community platform targeted specifically at the MENA region.


Vision & Mission

Our vision at thabit stems from the belief that our region is full of raw talent that is yet to flourish, and that while we already have some world-class achievements and individuals, we are yet to reach our potential on an individual level and as a community as a whole.

Thus, we have decided to build thabit in a mission to provide what our region needs in this field to the utmost of our capabilities, which will be manifested by hosting regular contests of high quality problems, along with providing the platform where the community can contribute to building and improving itself in a stable manner, rather than just having multiple scattered communities across the region. 


Future Possibilities

We hope that thabit in its essence will have a great impact on our region, but also act as the basis for many opportunities to come in the future that'll only be possible by having such a platform connecting the community. So we really hope that you share our enthusiasm and vision about refining our region as a whole, and that you show it by actively participating in reaching these goals, because we can't do it without your help. 


At the end, we would love to hear your thoughts about all what we've mentioned above, and any suggestions or new ideas that you think thabit could provide for improving the region as a whole or your local communities.

Feel free to post your comments here or starting up conversations separately on the posts section.