As any other platform, we know that thabit is imperfect, so we're dedicating this thread to hear more from you about any feedback / bug reports / or any feature requests that you might have in mind.

While it might not be easy to have everything in place right away, you can rest assured that we'll be working towards stable improvements during future iterations.

We wish that you have a pleasant smooth experience using our platform.

Thanks for your efforts in the Judge, I had always hoped for an online judge for the region and I didn't think that would happen, but Yeah Finally It happened!

I think it will be useful to include past CPC/OI problems in the region and open a form (maybe google-form) for problems contribution.

I'm really glad others share our vision as well :)

Yeah I agree, having an archive for past contests will be beneficial, so we'll surely take that into consideration.

We're also planning to have some way to allow problem contribution from users as you have suggested, but it'll probably be some time in the future after we're settled with running a few official contests.

Thanks for your effort!

If this platform is targeted for MENA region, why it is not in Arabic? Or the translated version is on the roadmap?

The problem statements could be in English as it is the standards in any official contest, I just mean the website UI itself and maybe the tutorials.

Thank you for your suggestion!

Arabic content (and UI) is not supported now, mainly because we want to zero in our efforts on problemsetting and community building at this point of time (as we believe this is what our community currently needs the most), but also because it proves to be demanding in the aspect of research and preparation needed for it to be done correctly.

That being said, it's one of the things we would love to consider in the long term for sure.

pls , add to each problem its rate.