The first contest at thabit will take place on Tuesday, April 12th, at 8 PM (UTC +3)  for 2 hours. 

It will be a testing contest of relatively easy problems, based on a contest held for PSUT students last year, aimed towards stress testing the platform and the judging system.


The contest will have an ICPC Style ranking, meaning that participants will be ranked based on the following:

  • Number of solved problems (more is better).
  • In case of a tie, the total time for all accepted submissions is taken into account (less is better);
  • Penalty time of a problem is measured as the elapsed time from the beginning of the contest until the time of the first submission accepted by the judging system, plus 10 minutes per rejected submission.

You will have the ability to submit clarifications during the contest in case of any ambiguity, and announcements will be broadcast to all participants in case of a clearance or a change happening to a problem.

The contest will be unrated, so make sure you have fun trying out thabit for the first time :)


Is it rated?

me no register pls lemme register after contest

I'm sorry about that, we'll fix that for the future.

how to register???????????!!!!!

We added everyone as registered during the contest, but registration was open until before the contest.